About the Growth Platform

About the Growth Platform

About the Growth Platform

Tech Nation’s mission is to fuel the growth of industry-disrupting founders and out-of-the box thinkers in the digital ecosystem. We have supported over three thousand scaling companies to date – including over 30% of the UK's Unicorns, and we have one of the strongest scale-up alumni networks in the world.

Connecting critical thinkers, industry leaders, philanthropists and forward-thinking founders across all UK regions, we also build bespoke programmes to set scaling tech businesses up for success.

Partnering with the digital ecosystem every day puts Tech Nation in a unique position as insight-leaders for scaling businesses.

Aims of the Growth Platform:

  • To help you overcome your scaling challenges. The platform provides engaging, highly personalised content focused on over 900 challenges that Tech Nation has identified. These solutions are brought to you through our extensive experience and from content created by hundreds of inspiring leaders who have been through, and more importantly overcome the same journey as you.
  • To support your decision making through unique data. We can help you identify future challenges, tell you how you stack up against your competition (past and present) and help you predict what’s coming next.
  • To build a hugely valuable, yet highly focused scaling network around you and your team. In a scaling business we know things move FAST – and your team feel the pressure as much as you. We can build their support network, providing small trusted groups of peers, enabling your team to ask questions, grow and ultimately empower them to solve more challenges by themselves.
  • To connect you to your peers and fuel discussion. Through our challenge-based groups and forums – we will put you together with others facing the same challenges, but also give you access to valuable opinions and discussions from those who have faced them in the past, accelerating your route to a solution.
  • To raise your profile and connect you to our alumni network and a wealth of advisors, investors, partners and the media.
  • To provide you with access to our market leading growth programmes, courses and events – its fast and simple to apply once you’ve joined our platform, so you can access game-changing training in no time.

The Growth Platform builds on Tech Nation’s unique expertise and network, giving you access to an unparalleled resource that will guide you throughout your scaling journey.

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