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Hey, I'm Wanda - Tech Nation’s Talent Specialist. 

Here are 5 resources that I highly recommend for CHROs (Head of People / Director of People).

The Fearless Organisation - Amy C Edmondson

If performance, innovation and problem-solving are important then psychological safety could be the  biggest unlock to getting you there.

Full of practical strategies for fostering a culture of fearlessness, Amy Edmonson gives us a great balance of researched evidence and pragmatic implementation tools.

“In an era when no individual can know or do everything needed to carry out the work that serves customers, it's more important than ever for people to speak up, share information, contribute expertise, take risks, and work with each other to create lasting value.”

Find her website here and watch her TED Talk here.

Brave New Work - Aaron Dignan

This is an insightful look at the future of work that challenges traditional approaches to organisational design.

Offering ways for creating adaptive, and purpose-driven organisations, Brave New Work is based on principles of transparency, trust, and autonomy. 

The book includes practical tools and strategies for implementing change. With compelling case studies, the book inspires us to think creatively about our most valuable asset - our people (and you won't want to miss the podcast either!).

My favourite quote is on the last page and sums up the spirit of the entirely engaging book: “Progress over perfection. Courage over caution. This isn’t business as usual. This is brave new work. 

Find his website here and listen to the podcast here.

Radical Candor  - Kim Scott

Giving feedback and helping managers develop their feedback skills is vital to advancing performance and developing people in organisations. This book will change the way you give feedback to ensure it’s both clear and from a place of deep care. “Relationships, not power, drive you forward”.

Find her website here

The Culture Code  - Daniel Coyle

Understanding group dynamics is critical for anyone helping leaders and teams. Daniel Coyle delves into the science behind building successful teams and offers ways to create strong connections within a group.

Highly engaging, this quick read is one that you will refer back to again and again. “While successful culture can look and feel like magic, the truth is that it’s not. Culture is a set of living relationships working toward a shared goal. It’s not something you are. It’s something you do.”

Find his website here

Alive at Work - Daniel M Cable

In Alive at Work, Daniel Cable highlights the importance of creating meaning in the workplace.  And that work can, and should be, a source of meaning and purpose for employees, rather than just a means to an end.

Daniel also advocates for creating a culture of empathy, vulnerability, and mindfulness, which can help to build trust. He shows how creating meaning in the workplace not only benefits employees, but also leads to increased productivity and business success.

“The language of planning and control, of targets and KPIs, of metrics and benchmarks, of efficiency and excellence, of specialisation and standardisation, of jobs and careers betrays a way of thinking that is wholly unsuited to the challenges confronting firms today.”

Find his website here

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