Founder Resilience: Looking after yourself and your wellbeing

Founder Resilience: Looking after yourself and your wellbeing

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03 Nov, 11:00 AM

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03 Nov, 12:00 PM

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Founders are essential for our economic growth and future prosperity by creating jobs, boosting productivity and introducing innovative technologies, products, and services. However, the role of a founder can be lonely, frustrating and filled with highs and lows, and the human sacrifice of driving value and business success comes with a psychological price. Founders are twice as likely to suffer from mental strain, depression, anxiety and burnout than their employees.

Resilience is probably the number one trait you need as a founder. Having a high emotional intelligence and strong resilience is the key to unlocking self-performance and navigating the psychological pressures of startup leadership. Being a strong leader will see you energise your workforce, creating a culture that encourages innovation, collaboration and greater productivity.

Session leader Paul Marks, founder of Health Returns will deliver an intuitive and insightful session looking into the basics of founder psychology, how our inner workings can help or hurt us, and how to build a path to self-awareness, compassionate personal care and inner wellbeing.

Paul Marks, Head of People, Amicable

Experienced resilience coach Paul Marks, is the founder of Healthy Returns, a coaching business that works with founders to build their emotional and mental resilience. Healthy Returns creates a safe environment of trust and security that's essential to encouraging openness, as founders become increasingly aware of the pressures of running a high growth business. Paul has over 20 years in people strategy, organisational health and executive coaching working with startups to build happy, healthy and high growth culture.

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This session is suitable for Founders only.