How to Make Your Scaleup Somewhere Your People will LOVE to Work

How to Make Your Scaleup Somewhere Your People will LOVE to Work

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01 Mar, 1:00 PM

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01 Mar, 2:00 PM

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Are you looking for ways to make your company a great place to work — one that your modern workforce will love and stay for the long-term? 

In this session, based on his critically acclaimed Tedxtalk, Dan Sodergren, co-founder of HR Tech scaleup, Your FLOCK, will discuss the important steps to making your company culture a priority, something that is more important than ever in 2023. 

The session will cover: 

- How can you foster an inclusive atmosphere that focuses on team building and individual development? 
- How can you support work-life balance, especially during this difficult time? 
- How you can get the most out of your people. 
- And how can you stay competitive with other firms by creating a workplace that rewards and retains top talent? 

Your employees are your greatest asset, so showing them the respect and care they deserve is essential if you want your company to succeed in this competitive business landscape. Without a positive workplace environment, you will struggle to attract and keep top talent, miss out on crucial opportunities for team collaboration and innovation, and risk a reputation as an employer of choice. 

Ultimately, if you want your company to be successful in 2023 and beyond, making it a great place to work must be a priority. 

This talk will provide the strategies and insight that your organization needs to create a workplace environment and company culture where everyone can not just survive but thrive.

About the speaker: 

Dan Sodergren is a Ted X talker, keynote speaker, ex marketing agency owner, digital trainer, serial tech startup founder and now media spokesperson. Dan Sodergren's main area of interest is the future of work, remote work, company culture data, and tech startups. Find out more about Dan at 

He is co-founder of - a team engagement platform based on values. 

Your FLOCK are alumni of Tech Nation's Rising Stars and Libra programmes.


Dan Sodergren

Dan Sodergren

Co-founder, Your FLOCK