Innovative Thinking Strategies for Challenging Times

Innovative Thinking Strategies for Challenging Times

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17 Jan, 2:00 PM

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17 Jan, 3:00 PM

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In this session, speaker Professor Jason Laing, CEO & co-founder of Promake, and Professor of Innovation & Optoelectronics at the University of South Wales, will be exploring methods and sharing insights on how tech leaders can employ innovative thinking strategies to develop their business proposition.

"For some time now, the rate of innovation and technological development has been accelerating, and it has repeatedly been demonstrated that businesses must be innovative in order to survive and prosper.

Your employment won't likely last very long if a computer programme can complete it more swiftly and accurately. Furthermore, this will only increase as technology advances. However, there is also good news. Computers are still unable to think creatively and flexibly like we can. Because of this, it's likely that in the coming decade and beyond, "soft skills" like empathic communication and creative thinking will become increasingly important.

Our experience has shown us that a variety of factors influence innovation. A shifting corporate climate could present fresh chances to be creative. Changes in consumer preferences or consumer adoption of new technology might be other factors that encourage innovation. Despite their nature as inventions on their own, new technological advances may also serve as a platform for the development of new goods and uses. In order to gain a competitive advantage over one another and capture market share, we also observe innovative competition amongst companies."

Session leader Jason Laing is the CEO and co-founder of Promake, specialising in design, development and manufacturing of medical innovations and devices using nanomaterials such as Graphene.

Jason and his team during the first outbreak of Covid-19 developed what has become today as ‘Bio-Pod’, a digital palm sized advanced viral testing device. The concept was submitted in The National Biology Framework tender within the UK and were awarded two of four contracts.

In September 2022, Jason was awarded a Northern Game Changer Award, an award that only 10 individuals within the North of the UK were awarded for making game-changing moves in sustainability, community, and diversity

Jason is a Tech Nation Visa ambassador and alumni.

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Professor Jason Laing

Professor Jason Laing

Jason Laing, CEO & co-founder of Promake and Professor of Innovation & Optoelectronics at University of South Wales