Making the Metaverse Work for Your Business

Making the Metaverse Work for Your Business

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23 Feb, 10:00 AM

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23 Feb, 11:00 AM

Event Description

There’s a lot of hype and scepticism surrounding the Metaverse. 

In this session, Anders Hakfelt, SVP Marketing & Customer Experience of Series D haptics and hand tech company, Ultraleap, will de-mystify the Metaverse and give an overview of the practical ways that businesses are using it to their advantage, and what opportunities for disruption it offers startups and scale-ups. 

Beyond the Sci-Fi image, most large corporations are starting to deploy AR/VR technologies to deliver a step-change in productivity and cost reduction. 

The session will give an overview of major use cases that global corporates invest in today, along with some of the hardware and software considerations for anyone wanting to explore the potential in their business. 

It will also feature case studies which highlight the business impact of deploying “extended reality” in use cases such as training and simulation Q&A. 

About the speaker: 

Anders Hakfelt is SVP Marketing and Customer Experience at Ultraleap. Over his 20+ years in the technology sector, he has worked in a variety of commercial and strategic roles, from automotive and gaming to tech startups and strategy consulting. 

Prior to Ultraleap he was a Director and member of the UK management team at Fjord, Accenture’s Digital Design & Innovation company, and Head of Strategic Business Development, EMEA, for frog Design (CapGemini). 


Anders Hakfelt

Anders Hakfelt

SVP, Marketing & Customer Experience, Ultraleap