New Year, New Me: How to Scale your Startup Without Losing Your Mind

New Year, New Me: How to Scale your Startup Without Losing Your Mind

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11 Jan, 10:00 AM

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11 Jan, 11:00 AM

Event Description

In this session, serial entrepreneur Varun Bhanot, co-founder and CEO of MAGIC, and previously part of the founding team of Hubble HQ, a Series A company who have raised $13.9 million, will be sharing his experience and best practices on how to keep yourself sane and healthy while running a highly pressured startup - especially in its early stages.

In the session there will also be a Q&A and time for discussion where participants can trade tips and best practices that have worked for themselves.

This will be a great session to kick start the new year and learn some new ways to take care of yourself whilst meeting the demands of scaling your business.

About the speaker:
Varun Bhanot is the co-founder and CEO of MAGIC - an AI-enabled personal trainer which democratizes access to personal training at scale - saving people time and money. MAGIC was named Techround’s #1 IoT startup in 2021 and has become the first company in the world to develop AI coaching and machine learning for bench exercises. MAGIC are part of Tech Nation's current Applied AI growth programme cohort.

Prior to MAGIC, Varun joined the founding team of venture-capital-backed Hubble, as employee #1. and helped lead the company from MVP concept to $7m+ Series A.

Varun also runs a we started a social impact startup, UNHOUSED.ORG - one of the EU's Top 5 Startups combating poverty.

Find out more about Varun at and MAGIC at


Varun Bhanot

Varun Bhanot

Co-founder & CEO, MAGIC