My 5 Suggestions - Sophie Hossack, Growth Specialist

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Tech Nation’s Sales and Marketing Coach, Sophie Hossack has a wealth of experience in how to maximise your sales and streamline your marketing efforts. She took some time out to give us five recommendations of resources to get you inspired and focussed on growth. 

The Hard Thing About Hard Things - Ben Horowitz 

Ben Horowitz shares the practical lessons and advice he’s experienced as an entrepreneur, CEO and venture capitalist. The Appendix provides a series of detailed interview questions for hiring a Head of Sales, which are incredibly helpful if you’re considering hiring for this role or if you’re currently fulfilling this role yourself eg. ‘Did she run the [sales] process in her last company or did she write the process?’. (Horowitz’s considered use of pronouns also set a new standard for inclusive writing in business books!)

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Legacy - James Kerr

The 15 lessons in leadership shared by James Kerr encourages you to think carefully about your individual contribution, the approach you take in developing your team and the long term success of your business. The relatable examples are interspersed with beautiful Mauri phrases, providing clear, actionable and motivating next steps to take.

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The 4 Personality Types of Buyers & How to Sell to Them - Hubspot 

Whether you’re new to sales and marketing or an experienced commercial leader  it’s always a good idea to remind yourself of different personality types. Understanding the styles and traits of your customers, stakeholders and prospects helps you to prepare and personalise your communication, ensuring your calls, emails and meetings are as effective as possible.

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Sales Forecasts and Pipeline Reviews - Seth DeHart 

This step by step guide explains how to run effective sales forecasts and pipeline reviews with your team. With suggestions for improving your CRM process and driving efficient activity, Seth DeHart shares how implementing these best practice ideas will encourage coaching opportunities, improve visibility and enhance communication within your team. 

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Moneyball - Bennett Miller

It’s hard not to be swept away with Billy Beane’s passion, determination and sense of purpose in this adaptation of the data-driven re-building of the Oakland Athletics baseball team. The parallels with sales and marketing are clear from the start; asking the right questions, focussing on the process, establishing rigour and consistency, the importance of good communication and believing in why you’re doing what you’re doing.

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